Legend of the 10 swords

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Some girls grow up with stories about princesses but daughters of the knights listen to other type of stories. Megan is a daughter of the famous knight Noah. Since she was very young Megan has heard numerous times the legend about the 10 swords that belonged to the knights of the round table. The legend says that those swords are hidden somewhere in her country. This legend made a deep impact on Megan. She has been thinking about it for so many times and now when she is all grownup, she decides to do something about it.The knight’s daughter is ready to find the hidden swords from the legend. She knows deep in herself that the legend about them is not only a legend but at the same time she has something to prove to her father. She thinks that by finding the 10 swords she will prove to her father that she is ready to become a knight. Those stories and the life of her father have made her dream about having a life same as his. She likes to be one of the knights and the fact that she is a girl has never changed her mind.

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