Treasures of Cave Island

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Have you ever heard about Cave Island? Yes, we know that you haven’t since this is a place that can’t be found on any map. It is about a mysterious island, that isn\'t marked on any of the casual maps, making it a secret pirate’s place. The Cave Island contains old pirate buildings and a large series of caves filled with treasures.You heard right, caves with treasure and those treasures are still there, no one has touched them for years! Maybe no one has ever been there, except the pirates that once lived on the Cave Island.Today, the adventurers Grace and Luke have stumbled upon this island, wanting to make a name for themselves as great adventurers and discoverers. They always want to see something new and to be the first ones that will discover something interesting, so this time they are definitely on their way. The two adventurers are so happy to see all those places, that seem to have been untouched for many years, until today.Let’s see together those places and enjoy the beauties of this pirate island.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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