Deadly Risk

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Being a detective or a policeman is a very risky job on its own, but sometimes a case can not be solved unless you take that risk. They do their job according to certain rules and normative, except in those cases when they realize that they have to push the boundaries to get to the actual truth. Detective Frank and his assistant Nicole work on a very dangerous case. Every case is dangerous but this one includes one of the most dangerous members of the mafia. This man is at the hospital and Frank and Nicole would like to get some more information about him. They have decided to take a risk and search his room in the hospital without a warrant. At this moment, this person is in the operating room, so they can explore the room without being interrupted by anything or anyone. The detective and his assistant are aware that this way they can get to many pieces of evidence, but at the same time, they are taking a huge risk. They can be caught by the mobster, but also the police won\'t approve those steps, no matter what.

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