Brushstrokes Of Deception

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Forging works of art is a crime, as is stealing objects of any kind. Every work of art is someone\'s property and has artistic value, and when someone tries to copy someone else\'s work of art, he is also committing theft. It is a crime to copy someone\'s idea or someone\'s technique, and the thief presents all that as personal. It is also a crime to sell a work of art presented as being created by some renowned author and to take a large sum of money for it, even though it is a forgery. Unfortunately, some people are such good forgers, being as good artists as the originals, that it becomes strange why they even go into forgery, instead of creating their works of art.Detective James embarks on an investigation that aims to unravel the illegal operation of a well-known art studio. Yes, it is about an art studio, a whole institution that makes such criminal acts. The detective aims to find clues confirming that the art studio is doing art forgery.Let\'s see what exactly it is about and help Detective James.

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