Creeping Moonlight

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The married couple Matthew and Kimberly are widely known for their profession. No, they are not classic celebrities, actors, influencers, or singers. Their occupation is a little strange, but as long as there are cases like this and unusual happenings, this profession will exist, and it is not something that everyone can do for a living.Matthew and Kimberly collect stories from around the country about haunted properties. Their passion is not the stories, but they do it for a reason. After discovering a new place and experiencing paranormal phenomena, they immediately travel there to see if the stories are true. Tonight Matthew and Kimberly arrive at a haunted house at the end of the village that is rumored to be haunted. Maybe it\'s just rumored, people have a tendency to fear the unknown, but maybe the house is really haunted.Let\'s check together what\'s happening in this abandoned house and find out if it\'s really about ghosts and similar paranormal phenomena or just stories.

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