Lost Campers

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For us, who don\'t go camping very often, or we don\'t go camping at all, camping may seem as something very difficult. We often ask how is it possible to understand the nature so good, how is it possible to understand all the signs of the forest for example, the signs given by the weather and so on.But the truth is that campers spend a lot of time in nature, more than us, so they really know the nature that good but at the same time they visit many theoretical classes that teach them about the reason-consequence relationship between everything that happens around them.Brain and his two kids – Amanda and Jason, decided to spend this weekend camping in nature. Everything was going to be perfect unless they didn\'t lose orientation in space. They thought that they follow the right coordinates but it seems that they weren\'t right so now they are completely lost and they don\'t know how did they get here and how could they come back home. Let\'s help them come home safe before they get scared and lose their enthusiasm for camping in future.

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