Rainy Day Excursion

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Traveling around the world is an amazing thing. Science clearly says that it improves your life, it makes you a better person and it even positively influences your health. People normally save money and spend them on nice trips. But sadly, unpredictable things can happen to you while you\'re on a trip, just like in today\'s game. A group of tourists are visiting the center of the city and their guides are Edward, Laura and Helen. Just when they thought that it was going to be a wonderful trip, they were surprised.Edward, Laura and Helen are organizers of a tourist tour through the center of the city. The most important monuments and shopping malls are situated there, but the weather wasn\'t favorable. All of a sudden, a huge storm appeared and tourists, in panic, hid in the closest coffee shops.Their personal belongings are all outside. Edward, Laura and Helen have one task, and that is to find all of the lost objects. Can you help the guides find all of the lost objects?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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