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Lisa has a very interesting job. She works at the most famous tailor in the city, Christopher, and she is really into her job. She is actually Christopher\'s assistant, and he takes her as a person of trust because he is aware of her good work and dedication. Today it\'s a very important day for Lisa. Christofer should make a few dresses for the fashion show that will happen this weekend. For that occasion, everything needs to function perfectly. Everything needs to be in its place and prepared well before Christopher starts making the dresses. And here is the point where Lisa starts her work. Lisa should take the case of all those things. If she organizes everything, there won\'t be any stress at work, and everyone can concentrate on creativity, knowing that it\'s all within arm\'s reach Let\'s check out how does it look like to work for the greatest tailor in the city. We know it is a great pleasure, but it also asks for a lot of responsibilities. Let\'s be there if they need help before the great fashion show.

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