Mysterious Mummy

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The eccentric archeologist and treasure hunter, Doctor Rita Reynolds, along with her stoic and sarcastic butler, Jeeves, are on the hunt for a newly discovered mummy. Let us tell you a few words about this dragon - woman - her passion for archeology is so big, that she has it in every breath. She puts herself in various situations that sometimes can be even dangerous, but that is not a problem, the most important for her is her call which is stronger than anything.So, let\'s check out today\'s situation. Some unknown diggers found a perfectly preserved mummy, but something about it seems off. Doctor Rita is sure it is a fake, but she needs evidence to prove her theory. If she is right, the diggers are, in fact, smugglers, and made off with the real find. Adventure is no stranger to Rita; she will find the mummy if it\'s the last thing she does! We can also take part in Rita\'s quest and help her get to the final truth about this strange mummy. Let\'s see what is it about and help her in her mission.

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