Valley of Gods

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Welcome to one magical adventure, that takes place in the world of fantasy. This world is ruled by different principles but we are sure that you\'ll find them interesting and you will enjoy the whole adventure, without any fear from the uncertainty. Here is the wizard Elijah, who together with his daughters Kayla and Alexis, comes to the Valley of Gods. They are here with one single aim - to find the objects that will give big power to Elijah. At the same time, those powers will keep Elijah and his family safe from the attacks of the evil demons. Those attacks have become more frequent lately so the great wizard will have to find a way how to deal with the whole situation if he likes his family to be safe. His daughters are also very brave and they are following him in his journey. We could also help the wizard Elijah and his daughters in their mission. Let\'s search for those objects together with them and let\'s hope that we will find them very soon. That way everyone will be safe from those evil demons.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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