Underwater Museum

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Maria, together with her friends Zachary and Joan, come to the underwater museum in their city. This is a really fascinating place that includes so many amazing objects and rare species of fish. People who live in this city, but also people from all around the country, come here in order to see those incredible views and to enjoy the uniqueness of the underwater nature. And as some people enjoy the natural beauties of the museum, other people think differently about it and observe the material things more... Let\'s not sound that polite because here it is about a robbery! This museum owned six rare pearls but now those pearls have mysteriously disappeared from the shelves where they were exposed.The police didn\'t manage to find them so they closed the case, considering it to be a great mystery. However, Maria doesn\'t like to quit from this case and her intention to find those pearls, so why don\'t we help her in that? It will be a very interesting visit of the wonderful underwater museum, something you haven\'t seen before, that is for sure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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