Romance Thoughts

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Some romances last for many years while some last forever. Some romances continue their lasting, even though the persons in love haven’t seen each other for many years and that is beautiful thing, something that needs to be respected.Well, Sophia has something like that – a romance that lasts for many years. Actually, it is about a childhood love that is on its way to become something bigger. Actually, Sophia is preparing herself for a romantic date and her date for today is Justin, a guy that was her love when she was very young. Her love for Justin never ended and they already have some history together. Sophia is preparing for the date full of romantic thoughts so before the date she would like to find some objects needed for the date.Before she meets Justin once again, she would like to remember some romantic thoughts and riddles from her past and refresh that special feeling… Let’s help Sophia prepare for the date by finding those objects and make sure everything is perfect ahead of the big date.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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