The Crime Writer

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Every artist, in the beginning of his/her career, when he/she is still young, has an interest about other artists. The young artist has idols and also likes to learn something more from the persons that are more experienced in their fields.And while some young artists are more interested about the techniques of the previous masters, others are more fascinated by their lives. Actually, that is rather common, having in mind that artists usually have very interesting life and they find inspiration in rather unusual things and places. Actually, that\'s what it makes them unique and different from other people, from people with more ordinary professions.Evelyn is a young writer who is fascinated by the criminal novels, written by the famous writer Gerald Barker. Having in mind that he has chosen a rather delicate topic for his works – crimes, mysteries and everything related to them, Evelyn is interested to find out what actually inspired him to write his most famous novels. She visits the house of the writer, the place where he wrote the novels, hoping that she will learn something more about his life and find out what inspired him to write.

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