Crime at the Sunrise Hotel

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Sunrise was always known as an excellent hotel, a place that always took care of its customers. That’s why the hotel was visited all the time and everything worked just fine until lately when something terrible happened there. Namely, one of the tourists that were accommodated in the Sunrise hotel was murdered.The information about the murder spread fast so the tourists became scared and they started avoiding that place. Detective Ashley and the police officer Andrew arrive at the Sunrise hotel. Yes, you’ve guessed right – they are not here for pleasure. The detective and the policeman came into the place where this murder took place, trying to figure out what happened there. They have a very responsible task in front of them - to find out the murderer and bring the hotel its lost reputation back.Let’s help detective Ashley and policeman Andrew find out enough traces and pieces of evidence that will lead them to a solution for the case of murder. And let’s work fast before the Sunrise hotel loses even more clients.

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