Outlaws Hideout

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The history notes all people that were significant for something and whose lives and work left certain trace behind them, even if it’s about an outlaw and gunfighter like Billy the Kid. In the American Old West Billy, the Kid was also known for killing at least eight men before he was shot and killed at the age of 21. The Kid was a celebrity in his own time, but his legend only grew after his death because of dime novels, television shows and Hollywood films.James is a historian and an owner of a museum. He has been always interested about interesting persons from the history and today he finally has a permit to visit the hideout of Billy the Kid. He will visit this place with the intention of learning something more about this outlaw and bring some items to his museum for exhibition.It is about the site that was the hideout for the outlaw for almost 2 months after escaping prison up until his death. The place has remained nearly untouched and that’s why it is so attractive for James.

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