Haunted Circus

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Betty worked in a circus and she loved her job very much. Meeting so many people, visiting new places; those were the things that attracted her to start this job at first. But it will be almost a year since Betty quit her job in the circus. The reason why she decided to take this move is rather strange, but the fact is that something really unusual started to happen there.Namely, Betty left her job in the circus because she started to experience paranormal things there. And not just that. Betty’s life was endangered for few times and her explanation of the whole situation is that the circus is possessed by evil spirits. She believes that those evil spirits are responsible for everything bad that happens in the circus including all those paranormal sights and activities.This night Betty has decided to visit the haunted circus together with her friend. They are prepared to face the evil spirits and put an end to this paranormal agony that destroys the circus, a place that was source of joy and happiness for everyone.

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