Haunted Theater

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Donald is an expert for paranormal activities. He has been called by the principal of the theater to check out if their theater is really possessed by a ghost. The rumors that spread around the town have made no one to come into the theater. This is really bad for the theater and all the staff that works there because without audience, there is no reason why should the actors come and act, or why should the directors make new performances.Actually it is a real catastrophe because a haunted theater is something terrible for the cultural life of one city. Everyone is wondering what if this ghost comes out from the theater and starts walking around the city... Donald sees that he doesn\'t have too much time but he has to act immediately.He will check out the theater and hopes that the ghost will show up. After that, he will do his job and expel him from the place. Let\'s take a look of this strange happening and help Donald find the ghost. Maybe we will learn something interesting from him.

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