Curious Farmers

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Farming may be a difficult profession, but it is also interesting and a real challenge for those who do it. On the one hand, there are enormous responsibilities related to the field itself, and the regular implementation of current work, but on the other hand, а fact is that farmers work in a beautiful environment in nature. These are things that cannot be replaced by anything, and if that work provides income, the satisfaction is enormous! Melissa, together with her brother Brian, has a farm inherited from her grandfather. They, quite by accident while working on the farm, found a map of a hidden treasure. It is believed that there is a treasure that their grandfather has hidden somewhere on the farm, so they decide to search for that treasure. Let\'s help Melissa and Brian find their grandfather\'s treasure. The search can be long because it is not even certain that someone before them has not found this treasure. So let\'s get involved in this whole search for hidden treasure and hope that the treasure will be found and will stay in the family.

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