Perfect Timing

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Perfect timing is very important in every aspect of our lives. We may miss certain things if they come too early in our lives. Also, we may face later things that we\'ve missed before, but without any meaning at that moment... It goes the same for missed love, missed job opportunities, missed change for better education, and so on. All of that proves that perfect timing is everything.And you could also imagine how important is the timing when we are talking about bombs!The police officers Amber and Logan work on the detection of the case about a report for a bomb in the city court. It seems that it is about a false call and now it is up to the police, to figure out who stands behind the anonymous call.This is a rather serious case and that\'s why the police need to solve it properly. We do not doubt police\'s proficiency, but still they could use some help from us min order to deal the whole situation faster. Let\'s see what needs to be done and act fast, to avoid missing the perfect timing.

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