Travel and Discover 2

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Most of us love traveling but also there are people who decide traveling to be their profession because the passion for that and the curiosity always to see new things is so big. We are talking about the touristic guides who tirelessly go from one place to another, introducing the beauties of that place to the tourists that travel with them.Elizabeth is a touristic guide. She has chosen this profession because she really loves traveling and exploring, so every new day is new challenge for her that she doesn\'t receive as a responsibility. Elizabeth\'s route for today is one the south of the land, a place that is full of wonderful places for picnics. On its way there, Elizabeth\'s group makes a stop in one small town.Elizabeth is amazed by the beauty of this place and fact that this is her first visit of this place, makes it a huge challenge. Elizabeth starts exploring the place right away, so let\'s see together what is this place hiding. Maybe we will see something that will challenge us too, to take a trip to this wonderful city.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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