Whitestone Palace Tales

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There is one special palace, a place probably different from any other place you have seen before. It might be because of its look, but also it might be that strange because of the stories related to this place. The palace was usually related to scary stories, full of unknown and mysterious things, but nothing sure and proved…We are talking about the so-called Whitestone Palace. There are only rumors about the mysterious past of Whitestone Palace, and only curious explorers are the ones who actually dare to enter here. Looking for some answers about the mystery related to this Palace, the secret society of wizards has sent the great magician Adarin and his daughter Ibine into the Whitestone Palace.They are sent there to investigate the palace and determine if it is to be sealed for the general public. Let’s see if those rumors were just rumors and nothing more or there is something they should be worried about. Take a look at the Whitestone palace and help the members of the secret society of wizards finish their job successfully.

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