Lost explorer

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Jack is an explorer that is led by the passion of discovering new things and new places. He uses every opportunity that points to something interesting, so he has been witness to many unusual happenings and things that can’t be seen on regular basis. Jack’s friend Mark is also an explorer and they have been on many different missions together. Jack and Mark have decided to visit one new destination this weekend. They will explore one destination located in the south part of the country that is not inhabited with many people. The two of them are very excited about their trip but something unexpected happens, something that makes this trip not that pleasant experience. Namely, Mark went missing. Jack can’t locate him for few hours already so after he confirms that his friend is not near, he stars making plans what to do and where to go. Let’s help Jack find his friend Mark and find out what has happened to him. Let’s hope that it’s not something serious and that he will be back or found very soon.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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