Journey Across the Mountain

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Sky is the limit when we have something on mind. When an idea comes to us, than it takes iron wheel to make the dream come true. You won\'t make something, only if you don\'t try hard for it. No one says that it would be easy thing to do, but it is worth trying. And all the time we talk about pushing boundaries, and making better versions of ourselves. When you a sports guy, than you try to be better and better, to enter new adventures and new worlds. If one decides to take some steps, than the universe is going to put all the energy and strength to help the guy succeed the goals.Adam is passionate cyclist who enjoys new challenges. This weekend Adam wants to make a tour around Moilm mountain. Every amateur and professional cyclist knows that this is one of the most difficult bike tours ever. The Moilm mountain has wonderful landscapes and Adam wants to enjoy the views as much as possible. That\'s why Adam decides to spend the mountain for few days and to camp under open air.Let\'s help Adam pass through this endurance tour. The challenge is big, but we are sure you would like to help this adventurer.

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