Fairy Dream

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Have you ever felt like you can\'t escape from your dream? Like the dream impacts your reality very intensively? That is something that happened to our today\'s character. Namely, last night, the fairy Laura was dreaming a strange dream. In her dream, she got a mission that needed to be completed, but she didn\'t manage to do that, so now she has to finish it in real life. In her dreams, Fairy Laura was in one particular location, so now, she will try to find that location. It seems that it wasn\'t that hard to find the location from the dreams, because fairy Laura is now there, ready to finish her unfinished job. Yes, it will be hard because the dream, and the reality are intertwined at this point, but let\'s hope she manages to make the right choices and complete the whole mission. Let\'s find out what was the fairy\'s dream and see if we can help her in her mission. Be prepared to visit places full of magic and unusual things but also, be prepared to learn something new, something that will definitely widen your horizons.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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