Love Above All

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Winning the heart of the one that we love is always a complicated thing. Even if that person sympathizes us, it is still hard because the game of conquering someone\'s heart is all the time \'a cat and mouse game\' that needs to be passed before anything serious happens. Sometimes it includes finding the right words, sometimes making the right move, even finding the right objects...Tristan is a knight that is madly in love with the princess Alana. This royal girl spends her summer days in one particular castle so Tristan arrives in this castle with one particular intention – winning her love. The brave knight is aware that he has to do a lot in order to win her love, including finding certain valuable objects. It is about objects that are hidden in the past and no one managed to find them so far. Those valuable objects include diamonds as well and Tristan is pretty sure that he will be the one that will impress the princess and win her heart.The knight is in the castle at this moment, and he is determinate to find those valuable objects. Maybe if we work together, we will make his job easier and help the knight Tristan get what he wants. Just open your eyes well and don\'t overlook anything.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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