Hearts Unleashed

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There are people who express their love very easy. Many times they made mistakes, expressing love to wrong people but they don\'t feel disappointed because real love will come, one day. On the other hand, there are people who keep their love secret. They preserve it like something very precious and believe that it is very important to choose the right moment for expressing love to the one you love. However, there are situations when this love stays hidden until the end of the life...Martin almost his whole life has been in love with Andrea. This love lasted for so many years but he couldn\'t admit her what is actually happening. He kept his secret deep in himself, waiting for the right moment to tell her. But it seemed that Martin waited for too long because Andrea has moved to another place. When Andrea moved, she actually moved to another city and she lived there for a longer period of time. However, after many years away from home, Andrea has decided to come back home. She has decided that she likes more the life in her native city so she came back for good.Martin is rather excited about Andrea\'s coming home and this time he has decided that he has to gather some courage and finally tell her that he is in love with her. He has been waiting for so long and he feels that now it is the final moment to reveal his love. It seems that there is a new love in sight so let\'s help those love birds start their love officially.

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