City of Immortals

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Immortality is definitely something that you thought about many times in your life. As the time passes, we become even more aware that nothing is eternal so we may often imagine how it could be if we have a chance to live forever and keep everything around us as it is now. But aside from the fiction, there are not many people that could brag about the eternity, or to be more precise, there are no immortal people, at least not around us...But Amanda is one of those who had that chance to face the immortality. She is actually not immortal but she arrives in the city of the immortals where only few people have managed to enter before. This girl is amazed by everything around her but also little bit scared since this is something completely new for her.However Amanda is not there just like a beholder but she is there with a certain purpose and that is to find the elixirs of the immortality. The task of Amanda is huge and very important and it is not something that most of us get a chance to be part of, so lets use this chance and start this amazing and unpredictable search.

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