Forgotten Artifacts

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People who love history adore spending time reading important books, talking with specific professionals that know history in every sense. Digging into country\'s layers as they were lying there from century to century, and going back to the beginning.That is the greatest excitement of archaelogists, people who adore the past more than the present time. But, the sole point is to safe the past from the death, from the forgiveness and give them life today. There are so many archaeological museums that exist in the world that hide so many secrets and beauty of this world.Margaret, Charles and Lisa are three archaeologists who come to visit already forgiven ruins of the antic country Hidia. They believe that there still exist worthy artifacts that local archaeologists have not seen or they have forgiven. Not, it is the mission time to discover the forgiven things. You are here to help these dedicated people to safe as much as possible from the past. We promise you it is going to be fun, as it always is.

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