The Stolen Tomes

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Yes, we all know that robberies usually happen in homes, banks, in some markets because thieves are more into material stuff, like money and concrete objects. This stuff can be sold more easily or used by thieves. However, not all thieves look for things like this. Some of them go after works of art, artifacts, or other objects whose value is very high, but it is not recognizable by everyone. For example, a library may seem useless to the thieves who are looking for a fast way to get money, but some of them know the true value of certain books, especially the old and rare ones, and their value can be enormous sometimes, it can be priceless!There was a robbery in the local library, and very expensive antique tomes were stolen. Police officer Jane and detective Joseph are assigned to this case, and they have to find out who did it. James, a librarian, is here to assist them however he can. He is the one who knows the library best, and he will direct them to the spots that need to be searched.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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