Find and Pack

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Certain rules in corporate living may not suit everyone, but that\'s the way things work these days. For example, sometimes we have to give up our free time at the expense of our work and fulfill certain tasks outside of working hours. And because of the large offer on the labor market, we fulfill such tasks without a word because if we don\'t want to, someone else will do the same and we may lose our job. It\'s just the way things are and we\'ve all gotten used to it...This morning Margaret received a call from the owner of the company she works for. He told her that she urgently had to go to the neighboring city where their company has a representative office and finish some important work today. This is not a problem for Margaret, she will do the job to the best of her ability, but she will have to pack up immediately. Her boyfriend Antony will have to help her with that, but let\'s also help Margaret with the preparations so that she can reach the train station on time.

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