The Golden Amulets

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The famous and very skilled wizard named Alderman is a person very close to the imperator. It\'s not that they are friends or something similar but their relationship is more professional. Alderman is the main wizard in the kingdom and as you may guess, his job is to use his magic for different purposes, and of course, to serve him. But also there is one more reason why Alderman is so important to the imperator. Namely, his magic potions give the imperator a lot of power, a lot of physical power and energy.The vizard Alderman comes to the holly temple. He has come in this place with an intention to search for the golden amulets. Actually the imperator needs those amulets, 20 of those golden amulets, that will make him immortal. Alderman should find the amulets and prepare the new magical potion, more powerful than any other potion with similar purpose.Let\'s look around the holly temple, see what is hiding there and help Alderman find the golden amulets and bring the imperator what he needs. This will be a very special and interesting journey, so don\'t waste any more time, let\'s look around.

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