Lonely Shadow

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Lisa and her two daughters, Elizabeth and Barbara, live at the end of the village, far from the other farmers. They live a quiet life in their family house without Lisa’s husband who is already late. Lisa’s husband\'s death came unexpectedly, so now it is a little bit hard for the three ladies to live alone, but they manage to handle somehow.One day, something strange started happening in the house. Namely, the three ladies started seeing a ghost! It might frighten us, but Lisa wasn’t that surprised because she believes that it is the ghost of her late husband. She started calling the ghost the lonely shadow, and of course that he has an unfinished business – he went all of a sudden, leaving a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters alone.However, wandering around is not a solution for the lonely shadow. The three ladies decided to get into touch with the ghost and help him leave their property. But still, he has to finish his unfinished job in order to make a step further. Let’s see what will happen in this unusual story.

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