Hidden Cove

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The most difficult is the revenge for the wronged, to those who feel that they did not deserve any punishment. It doesn\'t matter if the exonerated are good people or someone who was part of illegal actions. When someone feels that he needs to take revenge, usually he makes it in the most cunning way possible.The pirate Jack was the captain of the ship, but one day, the pirates who were with him, expressed dissatisfaction with their captain. They made a rebellion against him, and they kicked him out of his ship. The ex-captain never managed to come to terms with what happened, so he decided to take revenge. Since he has been the captain for so long, he knows the place where the pirates hide the treasure they were stealing from the royal fleet for years. Now, Jack thinks it\'s time for revenge. He wants to take revenge for the injustice done to him and collect all the wealth for himself.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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