Secret Lagoon

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Paul is a rather experienced sailor that loves his job very much. He has chosen sailing because he simply adores the sea and he loves finding out new places all around the world. He usually follows the map but many times he also chooses to go \'beyond the limits\' and explore certain more hidden places or smaller places that seem to be interesting.This time Paul, while sailing and following his map, all of a sudden has discovered a Lagoon. The thing is that this Lagoon is not on the map, but it seems rather unusual and challenging. Walking around Paul discovers so many mysterious buildings and he is wondering which was the civilization that lived there before.Paul discovers different objects but also he found out few riddles, written by the people who lived there. The only way to learn something more about this civilization would be solving those riddles. Paul would like to solve them all and you could also help him, learning some new things about this unknown civilization and its culture.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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