Glow in the Dark Trees

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Maybe most of us, or all of us, did not have experience like this one. When we walk in the forest, we could possibly see a rabbit, some interesting bird, a for, or even if we see a wolf or a bear, it\'s not that unusual seeing some strange light all of a sudden. During daytime, the sun illuminates the forest but at night, we believe that there are no flashing objects in the woods...But no, that is not true, so next time be more careful while you walk through the forest because strange things can happen there... Beatrice is adventurer and she usually chooses unusual places for walking, like this time. She is on an adventure in a magical forest and not just that, this forest is rumored to contain magical mushrooms that glow beside the dark trees.As the rumors say, these mushrooms are tended by an old and wise dwarf that uses their power to enhance his wisdom. That means that those mushrooms are very important for him and cares a good care of them. Since this is something completely new for the most of us, let\'s take part in this adventure and see what is going on there in the forest.

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