Place full of Memories

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We all have a special place where we have spent many beautiful moments. For some of us that us the place where we lived when we were kids, for some it\'s some particular place that we visited from time to time, then some place where we were on a vacation few times and so on. Some of us visit those special places often and they recall their memories but sometimes it should pass years and years until we go somewhere again.In those cases, visiting the places full of memories could be rather emotional experience. Alice and her father Dylan come back to their born city after 15 years. Well, that\'s a lot of time, isn\'t it? They lived there before which means that they both have so many memories from there.Once they are here, Alice and her father Dylan hardly wait to walk around those streets again and remember the time they spend there 15 years ago. Maybe the place has changed a bit, but the memories about the time spend there are still the same. Let\'s take a sneak into Alice and Dylan\'s memories and visit this place that means a lot to them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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