Plant of Life

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While some people are more into medicine, believe in drugs and vaccines as a way to maintain their health, other people are more into traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is based on using natural herbs and remedies and many times it has shown to be even better than the traditional one, giving benefits on a long distance. Stephanie is one of those who believe in traditional medicine. She loves rare plants and almost every weekend she goes in nature, in a search of some rare healing plants. He knows them good but still, her biggest wish is to find the rare plant of life.It is believed that the tea made from this particular plant heals all conditions and it even increases the life span of the ones who use it. However, it seems that this plant is really rare because Stephanie hasn’t found it so far.It would be nice if we help Stephanie find her plant. At the same time, we could learn something more about the herbs including this rare plant with extraordinary properties.

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