Spooky October

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Maybe it is too early for Halloween, but for the three friends Lisa, Nancy and Emily, this is a really important thing that asks for a lot of dedication. Namely, they like to make everything perfect for the coming date. They always like to have perfect costumes, to prepare perfect treats and decorations and so on. They like to make the kids happy, but also, they like to have a lot of fun on this date by going on a nice party…This year Lisa, Nancy and Emily are starting the preparations for Halloween earlier from the others. They found one old abandoned house and they decide that this place could be a perfect place for a party for the coming holiday. Old, little bit spooky house, great costumes, a lot of friends - that is all that is needed for a great Halloween party.The three friends decided that tonight they will start the preparations so they will start by cleaning the whole place. The friends believed that even though the house is little bit spooky, they won’t have any problems about it, but it seems that things are becoming really creepy.

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