Cruel Revenge

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Early in the morning, Emily woke up and went started her normal routine: get ready and go to work. But when she pulled out of her parking space at about 8 a.m, she noticed her brakes weren\'t working properly. She got out of the car and saw puddles of a dark liquid below it. She called a tow truck to take her to a mechanic, who told her the brake lines had been cut.Emily called law enforcement and detective Donna was assigned to Emily\'s case to undercover who tried to kill Emily. Luckily, she survived and is feeling ok. Still this counts as attempt of murder and someone must be held responsible. Someone will face two charges of attempted first-degree murder after investigators determine who cut the brakes.All the evidence lead to Melisa, an old friend of Emily. The two began their friendship when both went to the same high school. Is it a revenge for some unfinished business from a high school? If Donna proves that Melisa is guilty, she will be convicted of attempting to maliciously wound Emily.

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