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Karen and Charles are a married couple that lives in the Wild West. If you relate the Wild West with gangs, duels and headhunters, we will tell you right away that this is not true for the small town where Karen and Charles live. Their life is rather normal and peaceful, so they and their fellow citizens are very satisfied by the quality of their lives.But unfortunately, one day things have changed. Yes, exactly, everything changed in one day – the day when the gang of the notorious Jack Marvin came into the town. The citizens started moving away from their home, feeling scared and unsecured about their lives. The happy town slowly turns into a city of ghosts while Karen and Charles are the last heroes that are trying to bring back the normal life in their town.This night, Karen and Charles have decided to sneak into the place where Jack Marvin’s gang gathers. The gang is not here at the moment, so they would like to find all the important objects that are needed for defeating the gang.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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