Lost Mail

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All small places, cities or villages, have some particular charm. People know each other very well and their everyday lives are based on routines, having in mind that small places don\'t offer many options. There are few local shops, few local coffee places, and everything that happens is somehow expected.Rose lives in one small village in the south part of the country. Like in all small places, the postman has a particular day when he comes to deliver the mail. It is the same in this village too. Once a week he comes to the village, but today the postman was sick, so he has asked his younger colleague to deliver the mail. The colleague wanted to finish the work right but unfortunately, he was very young and without any experience, but also he didn\'t know anyone in the village. When he came to the village, he didn\'t know where to start, he didn\'t know where are all those addresses...so he has left all the letters in the center of the village. Now the letters are lost and Rose has a task to find them.

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