Subway Pickpockets

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Public traffic has always been a target to small criminals. Why? Because there are so many people using the public traffic and the criminals use the crowd, to avoid being noticed while they steal something. The criminals found in the public traffic are usually pickpocketing, arrogantly reaching for something that is not theirs. Pockets, bags, and rucksacks are the main targets of those people who sometimes work in groups which makes them extremely hard for catching. The policeman Donald is on a mission to find out the pickpockets that operate in the subway. Many people who travel in the subway complain that they have been robbed while they were traveling in the subway. That\'s why they try to avoid this means of transport, feeling unsafe when they use it. Donald will need some help to find those pickpockets and arrest them, so the passengers could feel safe again. Let\'s help him find out what is going on in the subway, perhaps we will notice some things that are not that obvious...

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