Keys To The Treasure

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One week ago, Dorothy has bought a house with wonderful architecture, a house built exactly before one century. She is very happy because she lives there, and loves her new home because it\'s such a nice place where you can always discover something new and unexplored.Dorothy has seen the whole house before she bought the house, but she couldn\'t see all the tiny details on that location. But now, when the house is hers, she enjoys it every day exploring. The last thing that she discovered in her house was a written story about a hidden treasure, that is supposedly hidden somewhere in this house. Well, this is something really big, so Dorothy became very excited. At the same time, she became a little bit nervous because she is not sure if she will deal with the condition for finding that treasure. Namely, first of all, she will have to find the 10 keys that open the filing cabinet, where the treasure is locked.Let\'s help Kimberly find out the keys and we hope that she will find out that treasure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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