Night Cruise

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Night party on a yacht? Well, that sounds like something very interesting, right? Just imagine, you and many of your friends partying on a yacht during the night. It\'s not a party at the disco club or someone\'s home, but a real party at the sea! Sailing and having fun!Well, that\'s what captain James and his assistant Jessica are preparing for tonight. A private party on their luxurious yacht. The party will start in the middle of the night - exactly at midnight, so they have to prepare and check that everything is in order with their yacht before the guests start coming. The party will be great, that is for sure, but before the party starts everything needs to be prepared perfectly. This means that the security needs to be on the highest level, then the details about the actual party like drinks and snacks, decorations... Captain James and his assistant Jessica know their job well, but they will also need some help to make things perfect. Let\'s offer them some help and organize together a party to remember.

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