Route to Freedom

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Leaving the home from political reasons, or more precisely, leaving the home because there is a war going on, is something that for many people that live today is simply unthinkable but unfortunately it happens. Almost every day we hear about refugees that leave their homes, looking for a better life and a safe place to be.Isabella is just one of the few refugees that try to escape from the terrible war that takes place in her kingdom right now. It is very hard for her to accept the fact that she has to leave her own home but it seems that it is the only solution since it is very dangerous to stay there.The only salvation for Isabella is passing through the dangerous path that goes over the mountain. On the other side of the mountain she will feel safe again, in the home of her close relatives who live far away from the battlefield. Let’s help Isabella pass her route to freedom safely and get to the safe place as soon as possible. This situation is something that no one desires and that’s why we have to act really fast.

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