Rare Coins

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Meet Jenifer. This girl has a really specific hobby that is more than a passion for her. She is a numismatic and she is actually very famous between her colleagues. Her collection of rare coins is really big and notable. She has so many of them that come from different periods of time and everyone around her is amazed by them. That’s why when someone finds something rare and interesting, tells her first.Jennifer keeps her collection of rare coins in her house but this morning her house was visited by a robber. This robber has entered into Jennifer’s apartment looking for money and valuable objects but he didn’t know anything about the collection of rare coins. The robber actually found the coins but he thought that they are not valuable, so he just spread them all through the apartment when he was looking for other things.When Jennifer saw what happen, she realized that she would need some help to find all the pieces from her collection. She called her friends William and Susan to help her find the coins that are spread all around the place.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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