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Our everyday life doesn’t include magic, but now it’s time for a little escape from that and jump in a magical world, full of wonders. The wizard Elius, together with his two assistants Hibes and Damari, arrive at the small city of Eronin. They have a particular mission that has to be done in this place, something that will ask for some effort and concentration.Namely, a few years ago, someone has stolen six magical objects from the village of the wizard Elius. It is believed that those objects are hidden exactly in the city of Eronin. That’s why Elius and his assistants Hibes and Damari are here, prepared to search everywhere, in order to find those magical objects and bring them back where they belong.We could also enjoy the world of magic, wizards and sorceress in this game, so let’s start searching for those hidden magical objects together, hoping that we will help those mighty wizards finish their mission. Maybe, we will also learn something about magic in this game, so let’s start the search.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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