Invisible Land

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Wizards and sorceresses have different wishes from us, that is for sure. Also, their ‘everyday jobs’ and responsibilities differ from ours, so it is not strange at all that the sorceresses Laura and Cynthia are so happy and excited because they have finally found the Invisible Land. You didn’t know that there was such a land? Well, that’s ok, we are not wizards, right?The two sorceresses Laura and Cynthia have looked for this land for a long time, so now they are here, facing something completely new. Namely, they have heard that here can be found some magical objects, but also a lot of precious objects. The sorceresses would like to see everything here, so they start exploring the Invisible land right away.We could also search together with those extraordinary girls and find out what can be expected to be seen in this unusual land. Maybe we will learn some new things and new skills that are not typical of our land, right? Let’s start our walk-through Invisible land right away. Maybe we could also help the girls what they are looking for.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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