Breath Of Gods

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Today we are taking our chances and starting a journey in the dense, eerie woods of Eastern Asia. As an explorer, you will find yourself in a team that will deal with a great discovery. But, can you prove yourself useful and help your team claim the discovery of the lost temple?Mary and Karen are attending one of the most interesting expeditions in the Far East. They have spent years searching for ancient civilizations and remains. Today, together with their team of archaeologists, biologists and historians, they have discovered the completely forgotten and lost temple of Buddha. Prince Siddhartha Gautama, known as the Buddha or the awakened one, founded Buddhism and it is believed that he lived around 566-486 BCE.The temple was once a prestigious place of worship, but after suffering damage from the wars, it was swept clean from history. The researchers hope that this discovery could give us clues on how Buddhism spread through Asia. They want to explore the entire site in order to determine the status of the temple, before this great discovery is announced to the public.

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