October Wedding

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A wedding in autumn can be very beautiful. The weather is still great, with some rainy days here and there, but generally very mild and temperate which makes it just perfect for a wedding party. And when it comes to weddings, we all know that the groom and the bride are the ones who are most excited about their special day, but still there is one more person that can\'t wait that day to come.That person is the main bridesmaid. The main bridesmaid is usually the best friend of the bride, someone who has been around her for many years, someone who is very close to the bride, so it is expected that person to be so excited and wants the great wedding to be simply excellent.Melissa is Nancy\'s bridesmaid, actually her main bridesmaid. That\'s why Nancy has Melisa to help her around the last wedding preparations. Melissa is so happy because she has been chosen for this important role and she is prepared to make everything she can, just to make everything look perfect. Let\'s share the happiness with those beautiful people and see how are the last preparations going.

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